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Dongying, a center city on the Yellow River Delta, is where the Yellow River, China's second largest water system, empties into the sea. It is also the home for China's second largest oil base, the Shengli Oilfield.
Incorporated in 1983, Dongying City exercises jurisdictions over two districts: Dongying and Hekou, and three counties: Guangrao, Lijin and Kenli. Together they cover an area of 8,053 square kilometers and provide a home to 1.8 million people. Here next to the ancient continental land, lies the youngest region recently created by the silt carried by the Yellow River. The broad expanse of the newly alluvial land in the northern part of Dongying is famous for the abundant natural resources. The southern part of Dongying, on the other hand, was once where the State of Qi, one of the contenders during the Warring States Period more than 2,000 years ago, flourished.
One of China's coastal cities opening to the outside world, Dongying is not far from the Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Economic Zone in the north, borders the Shandong Peninsula Economic Open Area in the southeast and looks at the Liaodong Peninsula across the Bohai Sea. In short, it is where the Bohai Sea Rim Economic Area merges with the Yellow River Economic Belt.
Dongying City is one of the coastal regions in eastern China with perfect infrastructure. Within its boundaries, there are eight large-sized sluices for lifting water from the Yellow River. Together with the ninety-five reservoirs with water-storing capacity more than one million cubic meters respectively, the simultaneous Shengli Power Plant, provides reliable power supply for the whole city. Fore every 100 square kilometers of territory, there are 59 kilometers of road. The north-south expressways and radiating high-grade highways make Dongying rank among regions with the densest highways network in the country. In this state-level class-one open port, Dongying Harbor has become a land and sea transportation hub for the Yellow River Delta opening to the outside world. The highway networks, railways, Dongying Harbor and Dongying Airport together have given initial shape to a vertical transportation network. Telecommunication undertakings in Dongying have also experienced speedy development. The city has the highest rate of telephones in service among the population than any other city in the province and is among the leading telephone users in the country.
Dongying is a new city with distinctive appearance. In terms of urban construction Dongying embraces a development plan of enclosing the urban districts with forests, emphasizing large patches of green grassland, water surfaces and great space. All the year round, the air quality keeps above level two, providing urban dwellers with a comfortable and refreshing enveronment to work and live. The constructed central urban area at 58 square kilomenters forms the frame of a modern city in initial shapes and a reasonable layout of urban districts and towns.
In terms of economic and social development, Dongying is among the top coastal regions in east China. In 2001, Donging's GDP hit 50.15 billion yuan, placing the city in the front ranks of China's large-and-medium-sized cities in per capita GDP. For several years running, Dongying has the highest per capita incomes, savings and consumption level among the entire population of Shandong Province.